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Free Internet Information Repackaged And Sold

Can you believe it!
By: James A. Warholic

Information that is free is trying to be peddled and sold as special reports...

It is one thing to charge for an article when a publisher has given permission. It is something else altogether, Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement when someone else tries to sell an article without expressed permission to sell it by the original publisher.

Print Publishers Vs Online Publishers

Since the mid 90s when the Internet took off in such a huge way the old-line print publishers went looking for ways to cover their declining market share to the Search Engines. Encyclopedias that were once sold to schools and universities for thousands of dollars had all but become obsolete. Colliers, Britannica, Grolier, Compton, and other reference encyclopedias have had to try and reinvent themselves for the Online publishing world.

Internet Business Models For Earning Revenue

There are several business models for earning revenue from original manuscripts, technical and medical articles or legal briefs, analysts reports, or information written by well known authors. One way is to go to a print publisher and give permission for the publisher to print the material. Another way is to self publish the information in print form. Both of these options involve printing and shipping costs to get the print media into the hands of the reader.

Many authors have taken another approach to publishing the information. That form is through the online world. Writing on this website is in fact publishing online. When the original publisher hits the "Publish Post" button and it becomes posted online for anyone to read, the original work is copyright protected. Revenues from the online advertising helps support the site. An author can provide certain permissions to have their work republished on another website or in print form. Other times the copyrights are completely held by the publisher. When a website or written documents have a statement such as "All Rights Reserved", that is meaning that the original author has not released any of his or her copyrights.

Consequences of Copyright Infringement

So, what does that mean for the publisher that has written the original online article and someone or even a large publishing house has copied the text? It means that they are committing copyright infringement or plagiarism of the original. Such activities can be met with severe legal and financial impact. Read what has happened to students, legal professionals, and even university professors that have been found guilty of copyright infringement.

Enter the Selling of Free Information

I have witnessed eCommerce websites that are into the selling of essays online. In fact one of these eCommerce websites even makes a mockery of cheating by calling themselves by the same name. Just recently though, there was a major distinguished publisher house that surprised me in their aggressive moves online, by selling articles that are completely free. The rub is not only that they are selling articles that are free to read on other websites, but these articles are copyright protected and have not been given approval to actually sell them to others.

I speak from Internet experience as one of the authors that has not been contacted for permission to sell an article on the following website Goliath, Goliath is Thomson Gale's online-business content service.

goliath thomson

goliath thomson
Both of those screen shots show an article that I wrote. It is plainly evident in these pictures that Goliath and Thompson Gale are offering this article for sale in an ecommerce type of transaction. They have not contacted me about any compensation or any other form of communication. Go to the following link to view this original article on online Advertising Scam "Search Engine Data Merging"

In an article about this Goliath, the reporter is surprised to find a link to this new website. The reporter was additionally surprised there was no press release from Thomson Gale concerning Goliath. See the article published at Information Today, Inc., 4/4/2005, by: Paula J. Hane : Thomson Gale Quietly Rolls Out New Business Service

To really understand how large an organization this company is requires doing a little research online. If one were to take a look at the approximate number of pages stored online, they would see boat loads of pages of information stored Online in the Google Database. Goliath alone has numerous pages stored online with Google.

Internet Problems

How many of these pages are copyright protected without the original author even knowing that their stories are being sold without their permission? And, what about the numbers of authors in which Thomson Gale has sold articles online or provided monthly business subscription services and not provided any compensation to the original authors?

Is it possible that Thomson Gale quietly released this so called Goliath Business Service because they might have been aware of potential problems about the way they were going about selling information?

This is no small time business publishing company
About The Thomson Corporation and Thomson Gale
The Thomson Corporation (, with 2004 revenues from continuing operations of $8.10 billion...

With revenues of that magnitude it is a Goliath powerhouse company.

All I can say is, remember what happened to Goliath when David came along.

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Search Engine Optimization Question

How do I get key word searches when using Yahoo or Google to pull up our site? I thought by using Title and Descriptions with key words that would work.

What am I missing?

Bay Area Huskers

Search Engine Optimization And Internet Marketing Answer

You got me Internet marketing laughing...


The simple site that you have without prompting it will not automatically just place you in the results. Take a look at the numbers for example if you do a search for Bay Area Huskers on Google,
there are about 63,000 pages that have those three keywords. You may show up if you submit to the search engines.

You are not actually in the results for Google yet. I only looked at Google. See this search:
If they had more information it would be displayed there.

Are you ready to submit? Do you have everything set for the most part how you want it? If you do then you can submit for free on each of the three search engines.

You need to build at least a rudimentary site map page. See the following:

Just place a link at the bottom of your page or somewhere on the page to the site map page.

LINK Request: San Francisco Bay Area Nebraska Alumni Association

Note: San Francisco Bay Area Nebraska Alumni Association website, is a new website. The alumni organization used to have the .com but the domain name registration had lapsed and they lost their domain name to the scrapers (Others that buy up old domain names and try to get traffic from links that are still in existence from other websites)

If anyone would like to put in a good link for them, I am sure they would appreciate it.

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Hitting The Internet Nail On-the-Head

Clogging Up The Relevant Online World
By: James A. Warholic

In a relevant article published online at the Canadian Technology Human Resource Board, Bureau canadien des ressources humaines in technologie, Do Online Business Ethics Exist? By: Niall Roche, the author hits the internet nail on-the-head.

Much of the information currently found online is nothing more then chewed up, spit out, copyright infringed, and general lack of business ethics; where websites even make a mockery of the legal system by cheating and selling copyright protected works to other individuals for use in student term papers and other works that are falsely being passed off as original content.

The following excerpt is from the article @ CTHRB.CA:

In the world of online busines [business] something has gone wrong. Something has gone badly wrong. In the pursuit of wealth and success business ethics have not so much fallen by the wayside as been torn up, stomped on and burned to ash. Where some loose form of rule may have applied before there now only exists chaos, greed and hype. Article Title - Do Online Business Ethics Exist?

Why Have Business Ethics Been Stomped On Online?

Internet Marketing
The Internet with get rich quick schemes has made the greed factor be ever more amplified by the unsavoury characters that promise the world to the unsuspecting. More than 70% of all emails generated is spam. Read that again, More than 70% of email is spam. That is 10 out 14 Emails Sent. Is it any wonder that we need to filter out 70 plus percent of everything we read?

The majority of information written online and tied closely to the vest of certain individuals and websites, only to be released by paying a hefty subscription fee is content that can be found online for Free. Free information for all to read. Many times the websites that are charging an annual subscription are taking the same info and re-publishing it for their subscribers. Or, pay the subscription fee and your eyes can see the article that is re-wrapped with a brand new bow placed on top.

What about the guys selling yet another overpriced, overhyped infoproduct that is the, alleged, solution to all your traffic, content or financial woes? Selling a product for a fair price is good. Selling the same product for a vastly inflated price is well.... criminal.

Unfortunately, I personally believe that people have forgotten how to think creatively for themselves. Critical thinking skills have been long since dropped from our school systems. Children are taught what to think instead of how to think. People are spoon feed information their whole lives, so when it comes to the Internet the spoon feeding just continues on at hyperlink speeds. Much of what is written today needs to be filtered out by critical thinking and some commonsense skills.

Internet Marketing Stories

The online advertising and marketing stories never end. I suspect that even some of the ads that might show up in this web page will be for turning one hundred dollars into ten thousand dollars or how to make thousands of dollars overnight on eBay simply by following this or that program. Hundreds of thousands of people are looking for the get rich quick schemes. Even the people that should know better fall prey in times of weakness to the ploys of these individuals. Times are rough for many people since the turn of the century. With companies cutting back, through downsizing or reorganization, have seen many individuals let go with pink slips or early retirements. The economic condition is such that it makes it ripe for the flim flam artists to take advantage of the situation.

Online Internet Skills

How are your Internet skills? If you own a business and are looking to get your website to the top of the search engines do not buy into the SEO promise that an organization can guarantee the number one position on Google, Yahoo!, or MSN Search Engine results. No one can guarantee internet position #1! There simply are way too many factors that go into the search algorithms, plus, these same search algorithms are updated and changed all the time. Do not fall prey to the Search Engine Data Merging Advertising Scams.

So, consider carefully what SEO Internet marketing promises are made. Remember the 70 percent rule from above.

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Marketing And Online Advertising Messages

In today's online cynical email times, sometimes the marketing, advertising, and Email messages portrayed seem, too good to be true.

Evaluating the website messages to new prospects on the Internet requires continually asking the branding questions: What does this do to my brand? Does it add a plus, minus, or a brand neutral to the overall internet marketing message?

Most B2B and B2C companies need to attract new customers in order to profit for the long haul. Capturing leads certainly is an important part of the process. Many times this requires building a trust relationship before someone will commit to providing an email address especially in the B2C world where most consumer email boxes are being filled with junk, unsolicited email spam, and fraud scams on a daily basis.

Internet Marketing and Advertising Messages Too Good To Be True

"Be number one on Google."
"We guarantee placing your website at the top of the search engine results."

Both of those implied Internet marketing statements are blatantly false. Becoming number one on any search engine results pages involves hundreds of factors. A few of the algorithm factors are content, titles, meta tag descriptions, number and quality of websites that link to your site, anchor text links (actual words seen as the hypertext), internal site linking, external linking to other websites, keyword and key phrase densities, plus a whole slew of writing variables involving sentence structure, syntax, capitalization, bold and italized text, headings, use of graphics, quotes, grammar style, and even spelling.

There are many other outside and inside variables involved in attaining the number one position for a search term or keyword phrase. Many of the outside variables involve comparisons to the other websites in each specific keyword category. Determining factors involve number of pages, website theme or themes, use of the keywords throughout the websites, plus other factors. This is all done by search algorithms; which take site A and compare it to site B & C, then crunch the numbers and produce the results. The algorithms are constantly updated in order to try to provide the best possible results for the searcher.

This was a tangent thought because of the continual email bombardment of outlandish promises that are outright lies or are at the very least involve ethical issues and are legally deceptive in their claims of becoming number one on the search engines. See: Internet advertising scam

Your Internet Marketing Message

Consider closely the marketing message you want to portray. If a message seems to good to be true, even if totally true, then it might be smart to evaluate where this marketing message is placed on the website. Maybe it is wise to not have it glare down onto a person viewing the website for the first time. People can lose trust very quickly with a new website if the message seems to good to be true. Consider having a link to a page that can explain the offer in detail. This would provide an added source and an extra degree of credibility.

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Multi Level Marketing

XYZ eBusiness promises you can earn ten thousand, twenty thousand dollars or more a month, with marketing this new product. Get in early on this eBusiness ground floor oportunity. Looking for executive leaders that can train and lead people by example. Get in early to really make the big money.

What do all of these statements have globally in common?

Answer: MLM or Multi Level Marketing

Multi level marketing seems to have a core group of individuals that jump from one marketing and advertising organization to another in an attempt to get in on the "ground floor" opportunities. This ground floor swell is a build-up on the emotions.

The MLM Scenario

Someone comes up with a new idea, product, or service and by creating an emotional excitement in the people that the marketers talk with, usually in a group setting, they get people to buy in to the product, sometimes in a literal fashion. There have been many multi level marketing companies over the years. Some of these companies have actually provided a quality service or product, many have not. In fact, many of the companies could be considered nothing more than pyramid schemes.

The internet and technology have caused an explosion into this type of marketing hype. It is relatively easy for a company to create a website and make it look all fancy with very little intellectual substance and pull the wool over the eyes of individuals. A certain percentage of consumers are very easily swayed by this type of advertising emotional appeal.

For examples of the names, numbers, and problems associated with MLM, do a Search engine search for multilevel marketing. Read the victims stories, the FTC reports, and the truth about MLM.

We Tell It Like It Is

Advertising Scam "Search Engine Data Merging"

Online Advertising Scams "Search Engine Data Merging"

Downloading free Web software to do keyword searches in your Web browser address bar can get you more Online advertising than what you asked for.

Unethical Marketing And Advertising

Spyware and adware companies are promoting themselves as: "get to the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN search guaranteed for your keywords."

Believe it or not, they do get websites to the top of the Internet search engines of whoever has this special tracking software installed on their computers.

How do they do it?

Software Step One: Laying the Web Trap

When someone, including children, have downloaded this online free tracking software onto their computer and do any type of search in the browser address bar, side bar, or even in the browser itself the program takes over and in a millisecond before the actual results are displayed, the information is data merged and manipulated with other pay-for-keywords data feeds. Then, when the search results page is displayed to the user it looks like the natural results or even large site targeted Banner Ads at the top of the leading search companies. Depending on who you talk to in these organizations, they claim to have 10 or 20 million network users. Their idea of a network user is anyone who has downloaded this special software onto their computers.

Once these spyware programs are downloaded and installed it can be extremely difficult to remove them. Many times they will not even show up with a logical name in the Windows control panel for add/remove programs. Since they attach themselves to the Internet Explorer Browser, which is integrated directly into the Windows Operating System, there is no way to click un-install to reload a clean Internet Explorer.

People do not have a clue that this downloaded software is changing the relevant results of their searches, plus potentially monitoring all the keywords they type in their browsers. Maybe it is buried in Web Semantics or the FinePrint as to what the applications program is doing but most users, I suspect, think they are downloading this nifty software application to do keywords searches in their Internet browser address bar. This is the first part of the scam.

Step Two: Springing the Website Advertising Scams Trap

Enter B2B and B2C - Attorneys, Realtors, Insurance Agents, and any other type of professional businesses looking for leads in the hot consumer market place. An agent gets a cold call from a very nice and sincere sounding sales representative asking the agent if they are interested in getting hundreds and thousands of leads and website visitors guaranteed? The agent is told a very glossy story about how they can place the agent's website at the top of certain keywords searches from the 10 to 20 million network users. Of course with numbers like that, anyone would want to hear more information.

The agent asks, "How does it work?"

Sales person answers, "Let's say someone is doing an online search for: 'San Ramon Homes For Sale' or 'San Ramon homes.' We can place your real estate website at the number one position for anyone looking at Homes For Sale in San Ramon, plus, the hits to your website will prove that we are sending traffic your way. You will be getting thousands of hits monthly with people searching for your keywords and you will be number one! And, to prevent over selling this new technology to too many Realtors in your area we are limiting it to the first three that sign up for it right now. Imagine being number one. We even have a demo that we can show you. Just type in your keywords and your real estate website then return and see how it works yourself. Get a picture of what it looks like on our networks."

How much Revenue does this Pay-For-Keywords advertising scam Net?

A single real estate agent can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars annually depending on how many keywords are requested. There is no telling as to the extent of how many American and International Professionals, for all professions, are captured by this net and how much revenue is being taken in. The gross sales figures could be in the tens of millions. The tentacles of this illegal operation could be much greater than anyone could imagine. In fact, multiple websites are being created under different working ownership groups to go after new targeted professional working groups of individuals and revenue. The branding features of the websites are the same for all except with different names at the top.

One representative at one of the companies told a source, who was approached by a second brand type, stated when pressed, "each is a different company."

Owner Quote

On another day the same source when asking for his money back from the scam, was told by the owner: "yes, we are all the same company... We have hundreds of thousands of clients in all different industries. Whoever told you that we are not the same company I would fire if I knew their names."

The professional person was taken in by the scam several months before this second one called. This individual was even able to go into a private area and verify that the contact was updated to reflect a new saleswoman as the customer service contact who had just called from the second company.

The owner of this company had refused to give my source back his money. The owner had stated, "with hundreds of thousands of clients, you are the first to complain. Also, we have had our attorneys look this over and there is nothing wrong in what we are doing."

Verify, do searches on each of the company names, read the complaints in the forums, confirm for yourself and learn more about this now: see search engine results for this new technology of "Search Engine Data Merging" G Y M

For an additional documented story see: Seeing Red - Search Engine RedZee™ Reviewed. This article goes into additional details about the RedZee™ TOP3 Program. RedZee™ TOP3 Program is the "ethically corrupt," as stated by the author, approach to advertising on their network of web sites that reach millions...

What are the legal and regulatory ramifications of operating an e-Business?

From a legal standpoint it is important to understand that all major search engines have some sort of terms of use agreements.

Here is the actual quote from Google, (when this article was first published).

"The Google Services are made available for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use the Google Services to sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to your Web site for commercial reasons, such as advertising sales. You may not take the results from a Google search and reformat and display them, or mirror the Google home page or results pages on your Web site. You may not "meta-search" Google."

The other search engines have similar published terms of use agreement items related to displaying their search results. From a legal standpoint I can not imagine any search company giving approval for allowing their results to be tainted, modified, manipulated, or any other action that would deface their pages. Any company caught doing this type of activity runs the risk of having major lawsuits from every search company they are doing this to.

Consider the false and deceptive advertising claims that could be laid out against the companies. Operating this way is totally ignoring proper representation of their product. It has the air of arrogance that no one is going to do anything about it. A representative of one of the companies even stated, "What is Google, Yahoo, or MSN going to do about it? They have bigger issues than this to deal with."

Online Privacy Issues

Additionally these businesses talk about monitoring what words you search for online. If they are monitoring what keywords you type in a browser that could be everything that is typed, including logging into Web mail and reading emails online, not to mention the potential to plant virus threats. With a company operating this way, are you really going to believe them when they promise to protect your online privacy? This, in your face, arrogant attitude by these companies are once again ignoring all the state, federal, & international regulations pertaining to: ebusiness ethics, legal and regulatory issues, & privacy in E-business and throwing it right out the window.

Children's Privacy: The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Do to the very nature of children being able to download these programs online, many times without the parents aware of it, this type of operation is a threat to our children. Since the monitoring of the keywords is being done at the browser level, any information a child might type could be monitored. This is a big Red Flag for Parents.
See: children's privacy

New RedZee Search Engine Privacy Policy

Certain search results may be "sponsored" results, which consist of websites who have paid for placement in the search results. These listings are provided by our business partner, Link Positions, which is a subsidiary of ISE. These premium results may contain tracking URLs provided by Link Positions to identify clicks from the search results page.

And this quote:
Children's Privacy is not structured to attract children. Accordingly, we do not knowingly collect Personal Information from anyone under 13 years of age. If you are under the age of 13, please do not provide any Personal Information to us.

As though an under 13 child is going to read the privacy policy.
See news press release for site information

What Victims Should Do

If you are a victim of fraud or either end of this type of criminal marketing scam or sales pitch activity, a complaint report should be filed at the Internet Fraud Complaint Center. The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Victims need to report these incidents and start fighting back. Don't let the Internet Search Engine Data Merging Keywords Flim Flam scammers do this to other victims.

What the Internet Legal Issues Are and Laws Broken

With this type of illegal activity is a list, (miles long) of the legal and regulatory areas affected and the criminal laws broken from: Anti-trust / Competition Law, Financial, Real Estate, Consumer, Corporate, European Union & International, Federal And State Law, Government & Public Sector, Information Technology & Telecommunications, Regulatory, Internet, Privacy And Security Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Media, Copyright, and other Law Areas of Practice.

Contract Law - What a Legally Binding Contract Is

If you find yourself having entered into a contract agreement with one of those disreputable companies consider the following:
The State Bar Of California

To be legally binding, a contract must have certain elements:

  • An offer by one person and an acceptance of that offer by the other.
  • Mutual agreement to the terms of the contract-both parties agree on what is promised.
  • An exchange of consideration-something of value is given for something else of value.

However, if a contract involves something illegal or against public policy, even if all the elements listed above are present, it is not legally binding.

Once being made aware of the legalities with materially changing the displayed search results a person should demand their money back and the contract considered no longer binding. Additionally, if you are showing up in a banner ad, does not change the fact that the search results are materially changed for anyone having the software on their computer. The banner ad is just one inclusion application of the Search Engine Data Merging" scheme. These companies can implement any number of inclusion items at the same time, thus actually changing the relevant search results.

Illegal Activity

Once becoming aware of the legal search policies for terms of use & the Law, and do nothing, you would be implicating yourself in this illegal charade activity also.

About What You Should Do

So if you happen to get an advertising call with a keywords guru sales person on the other end, with keywords promises they can place your website at the number one position on 10 to 20 million network users, consider closely the legalities & ethics that are employed and what this can do to your brand.

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Permission to reprint this article on another website is given with the following stipulations: article must be provided free of charge, article published on Mondaq - Online Advertising Scam "Search Engine Data Merging" may not be sold, provide proper credits to the original publisher, and a hyperlink to the original at:

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B2C Web Content for Pay - No Net Way

In some aspects AOL was destined to have the pay for content, all in one place business model, go down ⇓ the eBusiness Route 86 It! Internet highway.

When AOL first got started and the Internet was a relatively small net highway, having information content all in one place was a great boom for their bottom line. They were able to charge a premium to their subscriber base for the content and online services that they provided. But, as the Net grew and information expanded, there was no way to contain the surfer from riding new and free waves of information.

AOL continues to loose subscribers at a heated pace. In an effort to stem the loss of revenue from loosing subscribers they have recently taken a more open approach to their own website, by opening it up to the Web public at-large, while filling it with ads to pay the way. This new business approach is very similar to the likes of Yahoo and MSN. Both of these websites are portals and content providers, along with offering a slew of services from: email, instant messaging, and of course search.

The Search Engine Rub

MarketingBut here in lies the rub. Information is growing at a phenomenal rate and literally is overflowing at the Internet seams. The mistake to think that a website can contain this flow of information on their site seems to be illogical. The very fact that a search engine shows another site is in fact giving a road out. Now to be sure there are track ways back, but the business doors and Windows are wide open. In fact, there are no doors or walls, ceilings, and floors with this business model because a visitor on a website can not be contained.

As the Internet continues to evolve, with the free flow of Web info, and the development of new online technologies, building a business based on the presuppositions that everyone has to visit xyz company site because of some egotism at the corporate level that all roads must begin here, might be a way to receive a short term gain but at the expense of the user and may in fact hurt the company in the long run. Remember: Customers Remember.

So, if you are the CEO of AOL, Yahoo, or MSN, OR the CEO of your company, consider carefully the attitude you portray to your customers.

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Online Tracking online privacy

Most websites use cookies today. Consumers are becoming cookie aware.

People are tired of all the viruses and for their privacy concerns are turning off the automatic cookie controls and deciding to accept or reject cookies on an individual basis.


Does this sound like you?

Block Or Allow Individual Cookies

Well, it might be a little bit of a hassle but over the last year or so I have implemented a policy of not automatically accepting cookies. Some sites I trust while a whole bunch of sites are questionable in my mind, and brings into question what they are doing with their cookie that is set on my computer. The web sites that are particularly questionable are the ones that have a whole bunch of pop-up ads and strange JavaScript windows that open by themselves. Note: The new more secure browsers make it much easier to accept or reject cookies and cookie deletion maintenance.

There needs to be a balance between the need for lead capture vs Online privacy. Once I truly trust a web site then and only then will I automatically accept the cookies in the future.

This trust relationship takes time to build and establish the ground work especially in the B2C world. Business to consumer marketing has certainly been abused on the Internet. Anyone that has email can vouch for the fact of all the unsolicited emails that are sent sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes I see four or five variations on an email with the same typos and text. The only difference is the return address and a few other statements.

So, is it any wonder that B2C marketing is becoming increasingly difficult on the Internet? B2B marketing on the other hand is much more in line with ethical salesmanship. Maybe it is because in the B2B climate the process of buying a product or service must pass muster with a number of individuals prior to the sale being made. Where as with B2C, the old saying of "there is a sucker born everyday" holds true, because of a single individual making a decision to buy sometimes on the spur of the moment.

Ever since time began there was a system of exchanging goods with others. Supply and demand has set the price for the most part through the centuries. Other times, commodities or goods were held artificially high or low to extort profit from the high end and to create a need for a service with an artificially low price.

Today it seems as though the consumer has to do psychology battle on a daily basis with the unethical B2C marketing techniques and the tactics that are being applied. The complexity of the schemes are truly remarkable. The Net has become a net for capturing the unaware and the uninformed. It would be well advised to stay abreast of the online landmines.

At Professional Web Services we help keep you informed with all the online issues today. Whether it is marketing your company, launching a new product on the Web, or protecting your privacy online we offer the services, strategies, and solutions for your business. Contact us today for: Internet marketing, Online advertising, and Web branding


Viral Marketing Online

How strong is free WORD-OF-MOUTH marketing?
by: James A. Warholic

Viral marketing is one of those online terms that can have a number of meanings depending on who you talk to. I think it should be renamed to be virile marketing. com (my work definition: of or relating to Website com. strength)

In business, one of the keys to success is developing new leads and turning those leads into paying customers. Lead generation can sometimes be found right at your finger-tips with an existing customer base.

Sometimes a product or service is so good or just fills a gap that most people did not know was there. When this occurs people naturally start talking.

Funny advertising story:

"Hey, did you see that new car that gets 75 miles per gallon, and goes from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds?"

"No, what is it and how much does it cost?"

"I heard it was only $25,000 and it is the new Gcar"

"Wow, is that all? Why did they name it the Gcar?"

"Because, when you ride in it, find out how well it performs, see the high gas mileage, and the bang for the buck you can't help but say Gee, that car is hard to believe!"
PWEB.NET When a product is great, word of mouth advertising is probably the
best advertising anyone could have.

When everyday products or services are excellent for a person or business the person is more than happy to give a referral. If they have benefited from a product brand, a customer is more than happy to write a letter of support or an email recommendation to another person.

Not all viral marketing is successful

Sometimes marketing plans are drawn up to incorporate viral promotion. There have been circumstances were a marketing plan was drawn up to give something away for free but because of either limited exposure or lack of perceived value even in something for free the campaign fell short of success. Other times a product or service simply is not that good and no one wants to buy even at great discount prices.

People remain SKEPTICAL

With the proliferation of viruses embedded in emails and newsletters pharming for information, people are extremely skeptical of Ads or anything offered online for free. After all, no one gives anything away without the expectation of getting something in return. That statement is probably true but not always in the way you might think. While everyone expects to gain something out of an advertised GIVE-AWAY, not everyone gains monetarily. There is a support component and/or gain component in viral marketing that truly is hard to place a value on.

Component support - gained

Brand - good branding

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to create or advertise a "buzz Internet marketing campaign" about an item, it does not go anywhere because the brand is not that well established or even has a poor brand reputation in the minds of other businesses or consumers. On the other hand, if a company has an "AAA brand rating" it is easy to create a buzz about a new product. This in turn can generate additional good news for the company and continue to improve the value in the brand.

Establishing and maintaining a neighborhood OR world wide web based business at an "AAA" rating is a lifetime job. It requires much thought and continually asking the internal question on everything exposed to local, national, or international public perception: "What does that do to our brand?"

So, before attempting to create a viral marketing campaign consider carefully what is being given away. Is it a viral online email or virile? Ask For Free Website Marketing Evaluation offer and be sure to visit √ Email Talk


Internet Marketing Conversions in Online Advertising

Statement: "I am not getting very many e-mails from my online advertising. Oh, By-the-way, a new customer called me on the phone."

Question: "How did he find you?"

Answer: "Saw my online Ad."

Measuring conversions can be very tricky indeed.

In the online advertising world a conversion can cover any number of occurrences that are viewed by the Internet advertiser as a positive step in the life of a "click."

For example: When a person clicks on the online ad and is delivered to a specific landing page, what happens next could be considered a Good conversion. Tracking a visit through to a contact page, sign-up for a newsletter, register for information, a purchase, and yes even a phone call because of an ad can all be viewed as good Ad conversions.

Many times conversions go on un-noticed with an advertising campaign because it may involve the phone call with never any mention of how they found you. If a general phone number is on the website a large number of calls will come in and if sales does not ask the question of how they found you it can be very difficult to track the leads.

So, how do you track this?

Actually, there are a number of web tools available from the search engine advertising programs developed to track click through from landing pages to other pages on a website. Additionally there are some excellent Web applications for Website tracking, Pages visited, IP addresses, Keywords used in the search engine results, URLs arrival from location, and ISP providers. All of these can give feed back for determining how well an ad campaign is running.

For the phone calls it is important to let everyone know that an advertising campaign is running and to ask the simple question, "How did you find Us?"


by: James A. Warholic

Search Engine Optimization

What the heck is "Search Engine Optimization?"

Internet marketing technical jargon, terms, and phrases can be very misleading.

I once made the mistake of referring to my wife as a "school teacher."

She promptly corrected me and said, "I am a teacher, not a school teacher! I don't teach schools, I teach children math!"

That same logic applies to seo "search engine optimization." No single individual on a website optimizes the search engines. Only the search engine companies themselves adjust or change their algorithms to improve the results.

When people use the term SEO they typically mean they optimize the page or the website for improving the ranking in the natural search results for the targeted keywords. Over the years, this has evolved into companies promising prospects that they can get a website to the number one position in the results. This is a bunch of "bird seed."

First off, look at the numbers. There are over 8 billion pages searched in the leading search company. Every year this number increases. The reality is that only one site can have a number one position for any particular key word or keyphrase on a global basis. This is also true for the other ten or twenty pages that are displayed on the first page of the search engine results pages "SERPs".

Having the number one position is a good goal to have, but to get there requires an extensive amount of time and effort. There are a huge number of variables that affect a website's ranking. But the one constant is content.

Creating and developing the content for any business online is a challenge to say the least.

Our Internet marketing and online advertising team can help in the development of the content in a creative way to help significantly improve your rankings in the SERPs along with developing Internet marketing strategies and online advertising messages that generate quality leads, conversions, and increase sales.

Call or email now! For an SEO and Internet marketing quote to get your business and website discovered online.

Thinking Like a Customer

Internet marketing and online advertising have one thing in common. You must think like your customer.

It would be great if we could sit behind each and every customer while they are searching on the Internet. Or, know what they are thinking while reading online advertising.

There have been Internet marketing studies that say you need to catch the attention of a person in the first few seconds when they visit a website. Well, that may be true, but the first thing that you must always ask yourself is, "Who is the target AUDIENCE?"

A while back, I had a conversation with a customer in which I was inquiring about some specific details of a product he was fabricating for the antenna industry. With my Ham radio background, KD6RPD I was looking for some specific technical details to include in his website that would be important to an engineer that might be searching online. It was at this time that he had come to the realization that he really did not know as much information about the end product and what verbiage was used by his longtime customer. So, he did the same thing I was doing to him. He interviewed his customer.

Out of that interview came a whole slew of keywords that had a ton of meaning to an engineer reading the information. I then took this information and did more research online to have a better understanding of the verbiage myself. This research is very important when it comes to writing copy for any website. Once I had this understanding it became easier to edit the copy or even create additional copy for the website.

So, in this particular case the majority of this clients' customers are engineers that would be interested in more of the technical aspects of an antenna product. His website would not be one for the general consumer and if visited by the consumer would be clicked away in one or two seconds. On the other hand, if this website is visited by someone looking specifically for that product they would read more and click other related links.

For any Internet marketing group to truly be effective in promoting your company requires a commitment of time from both parties involved. Sometimes it may take a gentle nudge from the marketing firm to help the customer onto the right path. Typically, the owner of the company knows more about the business than anyone on the outside. No matter how good an outside copywriter is, it still requires having a knowledge of the business at hand. This is especially true for the Internet.

If you need help with your Internet marketing, online advertising, or website copywriting, visit us at Professional Web Services, Inc. Take the time today and reap the rewards tomorrow.


Global Marketing

So you want to market and advertise to the world?

Understanding the cultures of the different targeted countries is important when marketing and advertising globally. Remember all those cultural classes that seemed so boring in high school and college? Well, those classes are more important today then what anyone would have thought of at the time.

Even when marketing and advertising with-in a country it is important to take in consideration the targeted audience.

Take a look at colors for example. In some cultures an advertisement in a certain color can have a positive affect while in another country it will be a turn off. In fact, colors can have various mood settings in the different cultures. For instance, the color blue may be viewed as masculine or "the color of cool" in the US while having the meaning of: virtue, faith, and truth in Egypt, villainy in Japan, or heavens and clouds in China.

Another area is to understand are keywords. The meaning of advertising copy written in the United States style of English may have a completely different meaning when read in another country even if the person understands English. Even with-in the English speaking countries there are large differences between the words. For example: the English style of the British will be different from the American or Canadian counterpart. Not only will certain words be different but spellings may also be different for the same word. An example of this would be: American and Canadian = color, British = colour.

Search engines only see actual words for cataloging, not the graphical images of words. Sure there might be some Alt text which might get cataloged but having words in the body of a web site is much better. Taking into account and understanding the slang of the targeted country will be important when developing a Website. It would be wise to include the slang keywords from the target market in the body text of the Website.

Additionally, the grammar from each country can even be different. What may look strange or out of place in the US can be perfectly acceptable in another nation. See: "Recognising Grammatical Differences between American and British English"

So, as you can see there are many variables to take into account when Internet marketing and online advertising around the world.

For help with your global e-Marketing contact Professional Web Services today.


99 1 Marketing Rule

In web work the 80/20 rule takes on a more significant role.

I made a decision a year or so ago that it was not worth supporting the time and effort required to make websites compatible to all the old legacy browsers.

I made another discovery for an old legacy browser of IE5/Mac platform that has significant issues when it comes to displaying content using various style sheets and java script for menus. After doing some investigation I decided that this was another one of those issues that I was not willing to address to bring backwards compatibility. It would require too much time and with less than one percent of the visitors using this browser it seems to me that it does not make sense to spend the excessive amount of time required.

If you are trying to view our blogs and website with IE5/Mac browser and things are not displayed properly try using Safari or Mozilla for Mac. I have been using both of those programs on a regular basis and have been very pleased with the performance of both.

It is important to understand who your targeted marketing audience is. Excessive time spent marketing to a very small segment with very little or no return gained does not make much sense. There may be instances where there is a certain degree of logic to address the old browser compatibility issues, especially if a company has deep pockets and provides a service that crosses over many boundaries.


Tax issues

MarketingThere is a time of the year that I would rather not think about. That has to do with the date April 15'th.

When it comes to this date I am a procrastinator. In fact, whenever I hear a commercial for any service related to this I turn the channel. There is something about having to pay for a service that in all logical sense should be free. After all, everyone has to file a "tax return", why should we be charged for something we have to do?

I was over at the local Costco yesterday, when I noticed a buyer standing in line with the latest software for filing. I mentioned to her that she sure was waiting to the last minute to get the TurboTax software.

She said, "At least it is not Friday night!"

I said, "I know the feeling."

Then today, I saw an email alert about Tax Scams on the Internet. Technology has created a world in which it can be used for "GOOD or BAD"

I decided to do some investigation at the website. By the way, there are IRS impersonators. Some of these may be reputable companies while others may be using it as Trojan horses in the form of keystroke monitoring or keyloggers. Make sure it is the .gov site. On their website they talk about free online services for completing the forms. I have not personally tried any of these so check it out for yourself. There are about 20 different sales alliance companies for free filing.

When it comes to E-Filing, the process of hitting the return key to complete the process still has a certain degree of consumer finality while the actual printing of the completed forms and mailing them in provides an extra means of Insurance that everything is accurate. I still have consumer privacy questions and would want to insure for E-Filing purposes that all information is secure. Suggest reading the privacy policies of not only the IRS site but which ever service is chosen online. It is important to understand and revealing that not all privacy policies are private.

With the Web technology advances we have seen for Internet marketing and Online advertising, for improvements in our speed of communication and sharing of information, advances in eCommerce & eBusiness, we still have to maintain a great deal of vigilance in protecting our privacy and businesses online. For help with your online advertising, Internet marketing technology issues, and web branding needs contact Professional Web Services, Inc.

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Language Beauty

There are moments in time where certain things really stand out. One of those is the artistic beauty in the written language.

Sure, there is a inner beauty to a well written work. One can really appreciate the thought process that the author places into their work. But there is another beauty that gets overlooked.

To really appreciate it one needs to see it. I am not an expert in other languages. I understand a small amount of Spanish, and I do mean poco. The one language that jumped out at me today was Japanese. There is a beauty to the swirls and curves of the written word. It is as though the words actually paint a picture on the page. Somehow it is as though the picture is telling another story all its own.

Take a look at the following links in the various language translations and see for yourself if the picture speaks to you.

Spanish | German | French | Italian | Portuguese | Japanese | Korean | Chinese| English

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Google language tools

Oh, by-the-way, the language tool is a great B2B and B2C Internet marketing tool for your business too. It can quickly help you to communicate with the whole world.

Now you can get a Google Language Translate Widget for your website. Click the Google Translate link below and go to language translate tools section. Copy and paste the script into your website.

It will look like this when you get done:


Privacy Policy - Yea, Right!

I am sure by now most everyone has signed up for various information on the Internet. Some of you may have even read the online privacy policies for your favorite online publications. What I am going to tell you, some may find hard to believe, but a number of policies are anything but private.

Here is a quote from a website privacy policy, "In some instances, we operate shared web sites with businesses affiliated with us. Our privacy policy will apply to these web sites, and our affiliates"

This particular site stated in the sentence before that they would not share the information submitted on their site to any outside parties. The actual quote, "We do not share personal identifying information with any third party without your permission." If you stop reading there or go on, the entire paragraph makes logic sense, until... You do some research.

I was curious about how many shared web sites this particular business had so I did a search for the company itself, but that was not telling me anything. So I said to myself, everything is possible. I thought, if these guys have shared websites, then they probably use the same language in their privacy policies. So, I did the following search. Click here

In the results page I found one company listed on (2/16/05 at 16:00 hrs. Pacific Time) that had the exact quote. The result stated, "1 of about 346 for..." At this point I wanted to check quickly if the page displayed was in fact the same page that I had read earlier. I clicked on the cache area and went down in the page to where the highlighted area was. Sure enough it was in fact the same. I verified this with other words with in the same general area. For example: The following three words were the same and in all uppercase, "PLEASE BE AWARE."

OK. So now I knew it was the same, but what about the 345 others? Following the instructions on the search results page, "... repeat the search with the omitted results included," I clicked there and saw a whole slew of other companies listed in the results.

Now I started comparing the language using the cache as before but with the other sites displayed. Once again, my findings were the exact same words in a number of the samples that I checked.

So, all of these sites use those same words. What does that tell us? It tells us one of two things. Either all 346 websites are the same company, or there is a lot of plagiarism going on. I don't think it is plagiarism.

With that in mind, their privacy policy includes sharing the information with all 346 websites plus, the un-named number of affiliates. Can you trust the other sites not to share the information with themselves? They say they will not share with any "third party without your permission," but what about their other business sites that they jointly operate?

This policy is vague...

What do you think?

Tell It like it is...

See: confidentiality issues of a B2B and B2C site.

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Ethics are Key to Your Success.

Maybe It's Time For A Change - Imagine

  • Above All ... We Tell It Like It Is, and Do It With Style!™
  • Above All, Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!™
  • Above All - Tell It Like It Is And Do It With Style!™
  • Above All, Tell It Like It Is.™
  • Above All - Tell It Like It Is.™
  • Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!™
  • Tell It Like It Is - And Do It With Style!™
  • Above All, We Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!™
  • Above All - We Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!™
  • We Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!™
  • We Tell It Like It Is - And Do It With Style!™
  • Maybe It's Time For A Change - Imagine The Possibilities...™
  • Maybe It's Time For A Change? - Imagine The Possibilities...™
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To Live By On The Net

Here are Business Marketing and Advertising Ethics B2B + ethics values to live by on the Net.

Ethical Marketing

  • Honesty: (The best policy) When dealing with customers and clients, not following this policy comes back to bite people time and time again.
  • Integrity: Don’t be swayed by shortsightedness. If you see a potential for a quick buck, ask yourself if this really is the proper way to go about doing something. Businesses have been guilty of shortsightedness themselves. They have extracted the quick buck at the expensive of their integrity and consumers' wallets.
  • Trustworthy: Remember, when working with a client he or she is putting their trust in you. Hold onto that trust dearly and don't do anything that would harm it. They are trusting you to help them out on the Net.
Internet Ethics in Marketing and Advertising
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Search Engine Ethics Effect on Internet Marketing

How the ethics of search engines affect Internet marketing.

Copyright or site privacy policy information.

Various search engines are cropping up all over the Internet. Quite a large number of these are referred to as meta search engine robots. In effect these companies do not actually search the web and catalog individual websites but search engine robots scarf the information from other search engines and then group and display that information together as if it is their own result. These same companies make money off the advertising that is displayed on their websites.

I find this extremely interesting from a legal as well as ethical standpoint. One of the main items that really is at the heart of the matter is the copying of information that is copyright protect from most websites. Even the search engines themselves have copyright protections in place from their own websites.

There are regulations to follow for individual websites for copyright protection but these same regulations are ignored when it comes to search. I have seen a number of articles over the years in relation to copyright protection for individuals but never any guidance for search engines. Why is this case? Are we as individual site owners supposed to follow one set of guidelines while the big guys get to follow another?

This is having a large impact on Internet marketing by niche search companies or individual sites copying the information from other search engines and feeding it into their own site pages. In fact this is going on in almost all categories of search terms. By copying the information and feeding it back into another website unethical companies are boosting their rankings in the SERPs.

If search is going to evolve to a better level, then the leading search companies are going to have to become more proactive in this area. My suggestion would be to have these search companies start enforcing their legal copyrights. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, websites can be asked to "remove material from users' web sites that appears to constitute copyright infringement."

I have seen this Internet marketing pattern over and over again for the last few years. When a page starts ranking high in the SERPs then other unethical marketing companies simply copy the results from a search engine and place it into their page. Since the information is in a highly optimized state, with the keyword frequency and placement in optimal positions the subsequent new copy starts ranking high in the SERPs.

If you are one of those companies that is operating in this mode I must warn you that you run the risk of being black listed in the large search engines plus the possibilities of legal and monetary consequences. A search engine company can remove your website from its catalog and it will not show up in the results. See Google™ information for webmasters. In addition, in severe copyright infringement cases the perpetrator can be held accountable for their criminal actions. See PWEBS, E-business Legal Issues.

As the number of pages on the Internet grows, the frequency of problems will continue to compound. The Internet is certainly a ripe place for marketing and advertising products and services but is also an easy place for abusive, unethical, and illegal situations to occur.

For more Internet marketing information and resources visit our website at
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Online Marketing Services

Marketing on the Internet

Marketing on the Internet is becoming increasingly more technical and complex as time goes on.

Internet MarketingEveryone wants the same thing, or should I say that everyone wants a top position in the search engine results pages (SERP) for their key words without doing any work. The number of pages cataloged in the search engines has doubled in the past year. Now that might seem like a great thing for the searcher, but it might not be such a positive for companies that are trying to be found in the market place.

How can a company overcome the web barrier? How can you get your company website found on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or the hundreds of other searches popping up?

Marketing On The Internet

    • Provide a niche. If you have a product or service that is unique then highlight your area of expertise.
    • If you are in a very competitive market place, consider what it is that sets your company apart from the competition and really stress those marketing points.
    • Do not be afraid to try new marketing ideas on your website. This is a situation where you need to understand your target audience. If your target audience is a group of engineers then provide the information that is appropriate for this target group. Likewise if you are marketing to the consumer audience, then provide the "right stuff" for this group.
    • Information is very important today. Most companies are trying to set up their sign on the Internet and say, "here I am, we are open for business, now come and visit our web site." This may have worked in the past but it is having less impact in the search results today. The reason for this is a direct reflection of the total number of pages cataloged today. To overcome this barrier a company needs to provide something back to the Internet. For example: A company that is selling to consumers and does not have brand recognition needs to provide something back in the form of useful, helpful, entertaining, educational, news, or some other information that provides substance, in order to provide info for the search engines to catalog and the reader to absorb.
    • Consider your marketing location. I believe that local search will become more of a factor as time goes on. Try to establish some local quality links that will be beneficial to your on-line marketing score. Links to your website from other websites are one of the keys to obtaining a better standing in the SERP’s. One of the key factors in obtaining quality links is the information on a website. If quality-information is provided then natural links will occur. I must warn you at this point that quality links are the most important thing for longevity. Do not go out and buy unrelated links or go to link farms. In fact the wrong type of links will not help at all, and may be a hindrance. See information for webmasters.
    If you are interested in finding out more information about Internet marketing or current marketing ethical ebusiness issues then explore our website at Stay informed with our Internet marketing blog.

    In addition, if anyone wishes to contact us for a free Internet marketing consultation, mention that you read this article.
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