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To Live By On The Net

Here are Business Marketing and Advertising Ethics B2B + ethics values to live by on the Net.

Ethical Marketing

  • Honesty: (The best policy) When dealing with customers and clients, not following this policy comes back to bite people time and time again.
  • Integrity: Don’t be swayed by shortsightedness. If you see a potential for a quick buck, ask yourself if this really is the proper way to go about doing something. Businesses have been guilty of shortsightedness themselves. They have extracted the quick buck at the expensive of their integrity and consumers' wallets.
  • Trustworthy: Remember, when working with a client he or she is putting their trust in you. Hold onto that trust dearly and don't do anything that would harm it. They are trusting you to help them out on the Net.
Internet Ethics in Marketing and Advertising
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