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Multi Level Marketing

XYZ eBusiness promises you can earn ten thousand, twenty thousand dollars or more a month, with marketing this new product. Get in early on this eBusiness ground floor oportunity. Looking for executive leaders that can train and lead people by example. Get in early to really make the big money.

What do all of these statements have globally in common?

Answer: MLM or Multi Level Marketing

Multi level marketing seems to have a core group of individuals that jump from one marketing and advertising organization to another in an attempt to get in on the "ground floor" opportunities. This ground floor swell is a build-up on the emotions.

The MLM Scenario

Someone comes up with a new idea, product, or service and by creating an emotional excitement in the people that the marketers talk with, usually in a group setting, they get people to buy in to the product, sometimes in a literal fashion. There have been many multi level marketing companies over the years. Some of these companies have actually provided a quality service or product, many have not. In fact, many of the companies could be considered nothing more than pyramid schemes.

The internet and technology have caused an explosion into this type of marketing hype. It is relatively easy for a company to create a website and make it look all fancy with very little intellectual substance and pull the wool over the eyes of individuals. A certain percentage of consumers are very easily swayed by this type of advertising emotional appeal.

For examples of the names, numbers, and problems associated with MLM, do a Search engine search for multilevel marketing. Read the victims stories, the FTC reports, and the truth about MLM.

We Tell It Like It Is

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