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B2C Web Content for Pay - No Net Way

In some aspects AOL was destined to have the pay for content, all in one place business model, go down ⇓ the eBusiness Route 86 It! Internet highway.

When AOL first got started and the Internet was a relatively small net highway, having information content all in one place was a great boom for their bottom line. They were able to charge a premium to their subscriber base for the content and online services that they provided. But, as the Net grew and information expanded, there was no way to contain the surfer from riding new and free waves of information.

AOL continues to loose subscribers at a heated pace. In an effort to stem the loss of revenue from loosing subscribers they have recently taken a more open approach to their own website, by opening it up to the Web public at-large, while filling it with ads to pay the way. This new business approach is very similar to the likes of Yahoo and MSN. Both of these websites are portals and content providers, along with offering a slew of services from: email, instant messaging, and of course search.

The Search Engine Rub

MarketingBut here in lies the rub. Information is growing at a phenomenal rate and literally is overflowing at the Internet seams. The mistake to think that a website can contain this flow of information on their site seems to be illogical. The very fact that a search engine shows another site is in fact giving a road out. Now to be sure there are track ways back, but the business doors and Windows are wide open. In fact, there are no doors or walls, ceilings, and floors with this business model because a visitor on a website can not be contained.

As the Internet continues to evolve, with the free flow of Web info, and the development of new online technologies, building a business based on the presuppositions that everyone has to visit xyz company site because of some egotism at the corporate level that all roads must begin here, might be a way to receive a short term gain but at the expense of the user and may in fact hurt the company in the long run. Remember: Customers Remember.

So, if you are the CEO of AOL, Yahoo, or MSN, OR the CEO of your company, consider carefully the attitude you portray to your customers.

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