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Viral Marketing Online

How strong is free WORD-OF-MOUTH marketing?
by: James A. Warholic

Viral marketing is one of those online terms that can have a number of meanings depending on who you talk to. I think it should be renamed to be virile marketing. com (my work definition: of or relating to Website com. strength)

In business, one of the keys to success is developing new leads and turning those leads into paying customers. Lead generation can sometimes be found right at your finger-tips with an existing customer base.

Sometimes a product or service is so good or just fills a gap that most people did not know was there. When this occurs people naturally start talking.

Funny advertising story:

"Hey, did you see that new car that gets 75 miles per gallon, and goes from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds?"

"No, what is it and how much does it cost?"

"I heard it was only $25,000 and it is the new Gcar"

"Wow, is that all? Why did they name it the Gcar?"

"Because, when you ride in it, find out how well it performs, see the high gas mileage, and the bang for the buck you can't help but say Gee, that car is hard to believe!"
PWEB.NET When a product is great, word of mouth advertising is probably the
best advertising anyone could have.

When everyday products or services are excellent for a person or business the person is more than happy to give a referral. If they have benefited from a product brand, a customer is more than happy to write a letter of support or an email recommendation to another person.

Not all viral marketing is successful

Sometimes marketing plans are drawn up to incorporate viral promotion. There have been circumstances were a marketing plan was drawn up to give something away for free but because of either limited exposure or lack of perceived value even in something for free the campaign fell short of success. Other times a product or service simply is not that good and no one wants to buy even at great discount prices.

People remain SKEPTICAL

With the proliferation of viruses embedded in emails and newsletters pharming for information, people are extremely skeptical of Ads or anything offered online for free. After all, no one gives anything away without the expectation of getting something in return. That statement is probably true but not always in the way you might think. While everyone expects to gain something out of an advertised GIVE-AWAY, not everyone gains monetarily. There is a support component and/or gain component in viral marketing that truly is hard to place a value on.

Component support - gained

Brand - good branding

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to create or advertise a "buzz Internet marketing campaign" about an item, it does not go anywhere because the brand is not that well established or even has a poor brand reputation in the minds of other businesses or consumers. On the other hand, if a company has an "AAA brand rating" it is easy to create a buzz about a new product. This in turn can generate additional good news for the company and continue to improve the value in the brand.

Establishing and maintaining a neighborhood OR world wide web based business at an "AAA" rating is a lifetime job. It requires much thought and continually asking the internal question on everything exposed to local, national, or international public perception: "What does that do to our brand?"

So, before attempting to create a viral marketing campaign consider carefully what is being given away. Is it a viral online email or virile? Ask For Free Website Marketing Evaluation offer and be sure to visit √ Email Talk

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