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Search Engine Optimization Question

How do I get key word searches when using Yahoo or Google to pull up our site? I thought by using Title and Descriptions with key words that would work.

What am I missing?

Bay Area Huskers

Search Engine Optimization And Internet Marketing Answer

You got me Internet marketing laughing...


The simple site that you have without prompting it will not automatically just place you in the results. Take a look at the numbers for example if you do a search for Bay Area Huskers on Google,
there are about 63,000 pages that have those three keywords. You may show up if you submit to the search engines.

You are not actually in the results for Google yet. I only looked at Google. See this search:
If they had more information it would be displayed there.

Are you ready to submit? Do you have everything set for the most part how you want it? If you do then you can submit for free on each of the three search engines.

You need to build at least a rudimentary site map page. See the following:

Just place a link at the bottom of your page or somewhere on the page to the site map page.

LINK Request: San Francisco Bay Area Nebraska Alumni Association

Note: San Francisco Bay Area Nebraska Alumni Association website, is a new website. The alumni organization used to have the .com but the domain name registration had lapsed and they lost their domain name to the scrapers (Others that buy up old domain names and try to get traffic from links that are still in existence from other websites)

If anyone would like to put in a good link for them, I am sure they would appreciate it.

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