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Global Marketing

So you want to market and advertise to the world?

Understanding the cultures of the different targeted countries is important when marketing and advertising globally. Remember all those cultural classes that seemed so boring in high school and college? Well, those classes are more important today then what anyone would have thought of at the time.

Even when marketing and advertising with-in a country it is important to take in consideration the targeted audience.

Take a look at colors for example. In some cultures an advertisement in a certain color can have a positive affect while in another country it will be a turn off. In fact, colors can have various mood settings in the different cultures. For instance, the color blue may be viewed as masculine or "the color of cool" in the US while having the meaning of: virtue, faith, and truth in Egypt, villainy in Japan, or heavens and clouds in China.

Another area is to understand are keywords. The meaning of advertising copy written in the United States style of English may have a completely different meaning when read in another country even if the person understands English. Even with-in the English speaking countries there are large differences between the words. For example: the English style of the British will be different from the American or Canadian counterpart. Not only will certain words be different but spellings may also be different for the same word. An example of this would be: American and Canadian = color, British = colour.

Search engines only see actual words for cataloging, not the graphical images of words. Sure there might be some Alt text which might get cataloged but having words in the body of a web site is much better. Taking into account and understanding the slang of the targeted country will be important when developing a Website. It would be wise to include the slang keywords from the target market in the body text of the Website.

Additionally, the grammar from each country can even be different. What may look strange or out of place in the US can be perfectly acceptable in another nation. See: "Recognising Grammatical Differences between American and British English"

So, as you can see there are many variables to take into account when Internet marketing and online advertising around the world.

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