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Language Beauty

There are moments in time where certain things really stand out. One of those is the artistic beauty in the written language.

Sure, there is a inner beauty to a well written work. One can really appreciate the thought process that the author places into their work. But there is another beauty that gets overlooked.

To really appreciate it one needs to see it. I am not an expert in other languages. I understand a small amount of Spanish, and I do mean poco. The one language that jumped out at me today was Japanese. There is a beauty to the swirls and curves of the written word. It is as though the words actually paint a picture on the page. Somehow it is as though the picture is telling another story all its own.

Take a look at the following links in the various language translations and see for yourself if the picture speaks to you.

Spanish | German | French | Italian | Portuguese | Japanese | Korean | Chinese| English

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Above All - Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!


Google language tools

Oh, by-the-way, the language tool is a great B2B and B2C Internet marketing tool for your business too. It can quickly help you to communicate with the whole world.

Now you can get a Google Language Translate Widget for your website. Click the Google Translate link below and go to language translate tools section. Copy and paste the script into your website.

It will look like this when you get done:

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