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99 1 Marketing Rule

In web work the 80/20 rule takes on a more significant role.

I made a decision a year or so ago that it was not worth supporting the time and effort required to make websites compatible to all the old legacy browsers.

I made another discovery for an old legacy browser of IE5/Mac platform that has significant issues when it comes to displaying content using various style sheets and java script for menus. After doing some investigation I decided that this was another one of those issues that I was not willing to address to bring backwards compatibility. It would require too much time and with less than one percent of the visitors using this browser it seems to me that it does not make sense to spend the excessive amount of time required.

If you are trying to view our blogs and website with IE5/Mac browser and things are not displayed properly try using Safari or Mozilla for Mac. I have been using both of those programs on a regular basis and have been very pleased with the performance of both.

It is important to understand who your targeted marketing audience is. Excessive time spent marketing to a very small segment with very little or no return gained does not make much sense. There may be instances where there is a certain degree of logic to address the old browser compatibility issues, especially if a company has deep pockets and provides a service that crosses over many boundaries.

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