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Number 1 on Google Search Guaranteed

Sounds Too Good To Be True

The emails arrive by the hundreds. The promises of guaranteed number one on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search or your money back.

If we were to believe these con artists, everyone would be number one for their keywords in the search engine results pages.

Let's face it, the numbers don't lie. Not everyone can be number one on Google.

Many of these shysters and search engine con artists will promise you the world to get your business. Many will even promise to submit your website weekly to the search engines. This is a bunch of search engine bull.

First off, submission to the search engines can be done free of charge by anyone. Google, Yahoo, and MSN all have free website submissions. Google and MSN have a very easy method to add a website to be crawled. However, Yahoo does require registration of a free Yahoo Id for free website submission. Most times a website that has been around for a number of months or years has already been acquired by the search engine spiders through links to the website itself, and it is not even necessary to submit the website for inclusion for any of the spiders to crawl the site.

Most of the SEO - Search Engine Optimization firms that promise you number one in Google Search are optimizing a website for seldom searched for keywords or combinations of keyword phrases that are not very competitive for a particular category. So even if a page of a website shows up for that phrase in the search engine results, it brings in very little in the way of substantive visitors, new customers, or conversions.

Then there are the shysters that will place a website at the top of the search engines but only on computers that have adware or spyware installed to Data Merge the keyword results pages with their own paid for listings. Many times professionals such as Realtors or Insurance Agents and even Small Businesses and other organizations are promised number one on these merged results with absolutely no conversions for thousands of dollars spent annually on these types of keyword advertising scams.

Online advertising does have its good points as well as just like anything else, things to beware of. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Just like radio, television, and newspaper ads can not all be verified for their validity, the online advertiser servers have no way to check out each and every ad that comes into the automated system. As a consumer, it is wise to stay informed and always take the approach for the buyer to beware. Check out what others are saying online about certain groups. If you encounter a group that is promising number one on Google Search, this should set off a red flag. Do some homework searches of the company online, or do searches such as "search engine data merging" or other keywords related to the advertised items. Use quotes in your keywords to fine tune your research of particular companies.

Establishing a website at the number one position can be attained, but in actuality it can never be promised.

Take for example the natural way search engines rank a website. Many factors are involved for establishing the placement of a website in the search engine results pages. Sites that have been around for years have built a significant amount of links to their website from others on the Internet, and it takes a lot of marketing effort and time to establish new sites at the top of the search results.

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20/20 Business Vision

Let The World See Your Business In 20/20 Internet Vision
By: James Warholic

Not everyone sees the world the same way.

In a story from, Dennis Rogers writes, Don't Let Politics Blind You.

This is a fascinating article because I can relate to it with both Eyes. It really is not so much about politics as it is about our children not being able to see at an early age. Though the metaphors are very appropriate to political life where our politicians are blind to what is going on around them. The pictures are also appropriate to the online B2B and B2C, Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer world.

As the story unfolds, Dennis, in his first five years of grade school was literally a blur. Goes through the classes being fearful that the teacher was going to call on him to solve a math problem on the blackboard in which he could not even see the problem that needed solved. He finally had a teacher in the fifth grade figure out that he was not a dumb student but one that needed glasses. Dennis said, "To this day I remember the almost tearful joy I felt when I walked outside with my first pair of glasses. God, the world was beautiful. I saw things I had never seen before, like birds and the clear faces of people I knew."

I too, can remember the early years where there would be overhead projectors displaying information that we were supposed to read and take notes on the subject matter. Then tests would be given using the same overhead, for multiple choice questions. I would take the answer sheets and just randomly place a mark at a, b, c, or d for the answers. Needless to say, I did not do very well on the tests.

In those early years, peer pressure was always a factor. This even played itself out when we would get our eyes tested as a group of students. We would form a single file line into a room with the eye chart next to us as we walked. I certainly knew that I did not want to be embarrassed by the fact that I could not see the eye chart from far away, so I did the next best thing. I quickly memorized the patterns for the 20/20 line and faked my way through the test. At this early age the patterns were of the letter E. Sometimes it was up, down, left, or right and we were supposed to identify the direction of the letter. Later they changed it to incorporate different letters of the alphabet. That did not stop me from memorizing this also.

This pattern of school eye tests was repeated for the first 6 grades but a teacher did not discover my poor eyesight until I was in 6th grade. I remember the teacher being very angry with me when I could not answer something from the blackboard. I finally said, "I can't see it." The teacher, a man, at first did not believe me. In fact, because I was able to skate through 6 years of school with not being able to see the blackboard, I compensated with what I heard. I became a good listener. This 6th grade teacher moved me to the front of the class. I told him, "I still can't read what is on the blackboard." He got very upset with me. He brought in some other teachers to the classroom and they all questioned me. I told them all the same thing, "I can not read what is on the blackboard!"

It was about this time that my parents got a call from the teacher and the principal of the school. Mr. and Mrs. Warholic, "Your son keeps saying he can not read the blackboard. We put him up at the front of the classroom but he still says he can not see it. We have had him tested for his eyes and he has passed the tests so can you double check with your eye doctor. Our concern is either he can't see or he is being a trouble maker with his attitude."

So, I get home and my parents ask me the same questions. I told them the same things. They set up an appointment with the eye doctor and low and behold it is discovered that I am very nearsighted. I remember setting in the chair and having the letters get clearer and clearer as lenses are placed in the eye machine. Back then, it took a week or so to get a pair of glasses made. The first time I tried on the pair of glasses the world became so much clearer. Getting home from the eye doctor with my new pair of glasses on was an eye opening experience. I could not believe that the grass was so beautiful. Looking down at the grass I could make out each blade, seeing the tips, lines, curves, and colors for the first time; they were so awesome. The world became so much clearer and in fact in some way may have given me a greater appreciation for the world around me. Not that I would wish having poor eyesight on anyone at an early age. Who knows, maybe if I saw clearer to begin with in my early years of school, it would have been filled with greater learning.

You see, I did not see, and did not know what I was not seeing. I thought everyone saw the same way and even though they had tests in school for eyesight, I just thought it was some sort of test for memory skills or something like that.

The discovery process of life is interesting. When a child does not know that they need glasses, because there is nothing to compare it to, then children might be classified as troublemakers or on the lower rung of the learning curve.

Take the time today to make sure your children have the gift of good eyesight at an early age. Because, it can help an individual to have more than 20/20 vision for the future. Signed James Warholic

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B2C Marketing and Advertising

B2C Marketing And Advertising

Much has been written about the various aspects of marketing and advertising to the consumer.

Here is a story that I first came upon through a Google AdWords Success Story and One On One With Ray

Ray Allen, founder of American Meadows, is a company that definitely caters to the B2C, business to consumer market. It is quite facinating to read how Ray has intergrated his AdWords advertising into his marketing and introduction of new products that are sold from their website. He is one individual that has really grasped a hold of the impact an online advertising campaign can have on the bottom line.

One of the interesting follow-up items that I see from their wildflower seed website is the integration of using a blog called This Week in Wildflower Gardening to share additional information with the reader since 2003. The blog is customized to reflect the colors of the website in such a way as the website and the blog become very uniquely branded to each other. The software engine that drives the blog is the software. The blog is hosted via the website.

When it comes to B2C marketing and advertising, the pictures of flowers on the website certainly make a stunning impact. The site is really targeting the consumer market with an excellent balance of the eye candy along with the written words to go along with the subject matter. This site gets an A+ in my books for the overall impact and understanding of who their targeted audience is, along with a great visual and keyword targeted layout on the home page for consumers to follow.

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Some Things Women Can't Do In Public

There Really Are Some Things Women Can't Or Shouldn't Do In Public

Upload your own videos at Google Videos.

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