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A reader wrote to me regarding an online multilevel marketing article I wrote and felt I did not do justice to representing MLM properly. Message sent: I read your article on Multi-level Marketing where you state 'We tell it like it is.' You've really missed the mark with this one. There are hundreds of multi-level marketing companies from Avon to Watkins. Companies like Mary Kay, Shaklee, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Discovery Toys and many, many more all pay on multiple levels. That's what multi-level marketing means. The 'companies' you described in your article are illegal pyramid schemes. True multi-level companies are responsible for millions of dollars in sales every year. Do a real service to your readers. Do some more research and get it right. Start at to learn about the real professionals in this industry. Respectfully submitted, "Reader" Response to the message sent: (note: Removed the name of the reader to protec

Affiliates of XLPharmacy Beware!

Subject: Canadian Pharmacies, Discount Pharmacies, Online Drug Stores, Canadian Discount Pharmacy Message from ML, one of our readers about online prescription drug companies: Website - Affiliate of XL Pharmacy. What would be the cost of getting to page 1 or 2 of the major search engines using 24-30 keywords? How long would it take? Reply: We need some other information before we can give a quote. We need the list of keywords you would like to target. And, the website you mentioned that you own does not seem to be functioning right now. So, we can't tell what you already have on the website because I get an error when I go to it. How many pages from the website do you currently have with information? Who is your target audience? Also, when I look at it with Google Search of the index of web pages, it looks like all the pages you have and XLPharmacy web pages are the same. From ML: You are so kind to get back to me. Long story short, I spent a lot of money on a campaig

Internet Explorer and the Malware Alarm

I got tired of fighting a virus problem with Internet Explorer 6.0 on my Wife's computer. This was after using all types of Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware, and registry checkers/repair programs; these on top of the McAfee Security Center software that was installed on the computer to begin with. Nothing was able to find and discover the source of the virus. I did find long file names that I could not delete or rename, but then I discovered a software program (not sure which one it was now) that allowed long file names to be deleted. I ended up deleting the software because it was only a 15 day trial period. Note: be careful which sites you download software from. Many of these are bad bad sites. Suggest using McAfee SiteAdvisor to view search results with a red, green, or yellow dot indicating which sites can be trusted, before downloading anything. I suspected that most if not all of these file names in the temporary folders was the cause of the problem. However, they may

.CN Chinese Domain Name Scams From China

US Now Being Shanghai'd too - Australia: Shanghai'd Domain Names United States of America and the World take WARNING! .CN Domain Name Registrars From China Pulling Fast Ones in America. The following letter was submitted by a subscriber. The China Registrar is trying to get the company to register the domain name through in order to supposedly protect it from someone else that is trying to register it, or has registered the domain name with the .CN Top Level Domain . Note: Company name of individual has been changed in this published version to protect the privacy of the company. Also, the misspellings and poor syntax are left intact, as was received. Adjusted some of the spacings between sentences and words. from: shirly to: date: Oct 31, 2007 1:02 AM subject: notice protect-- internet brand intellectual property safeguard Dear Manager We are Shenzhen century net technology CO.LTD,which is an organization au

Honesty Is The Best Policy B 2 HR

Unethical Hiring Practices That Involve Bait And Switch Tactics Can Hurt Company Brands On The Web The Internet as a marketing media outlet for both B2B and B2C has been a great reward to the consumer and other businesses looking to do business with other companies. However, the Internet is also a source for exposing the unethical hiring practices or any type of poor customer service provided by any company or individual on the planet. Companies that make a habit of ticking off people will more than likely get exposed online. Human Resources, people, that have gotten a raw deal from company "XYZ" are likely to get "Mad As Hell, And Not Take It Anymore." Using the Internet as a sounding off outlet, individuals have documented scores of fraud, scams, and other poor and unethical business practices that they themselves have experienced. People have documented all types of activities at various online forums and even written well documented articles online pertaining to

Contrived Word Of Mouth Marketing

Up In Arms With The Paid Writers On Blogs Some bloggers are getting paid for product reviews, but they are not being up front about it. For those unaware, some companies are paying individuals and bloggers to say good things about their products and even about the companies themselves. Here is a good article on The Ethical Boundaries of Online Marketing , by Douglas Gantenbein. For marketers, the Internet has ushered in amazing new ways to talk about products and brands and to put highly targeted marketing messages in front of consumers. It's a new medium, creating new possibilities for marketing. But it's also created an arena in which it's easy to take advantage of the Web's reach and anonymity. That can make it tempting to push ethical boundaries in the name of marketing. "It's kind of like the Wild West," California-based Internet marketing consultant Jim Warholic says. "There are very few rules in the books to stop unethical people from doing any

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Right And Wrong Everyone Is Doing Searches Online Corporations are using search engines to check up on individuals before they are hired. The same goes true for individuals, also using the search engines, to check up on corporations before they go to work for them. Corporations have been known to take advantage of new people in deceiving and exploitative ways. Consumers, customers, and other businesses are fighting back online. They are using the Internet to sound off, and are getting lots of attention. Consider carefully the following story. Businesses need to beware of how bad PR can affect their corporate brand online. Taking a cavalier customer service stance or having unethical business practices will get your brand discovered online in ways that will hurt it. Businesses need to take a proactive stance for dealing with the public in an ethical manner. Don't make the mistake for your company of what some companies are doing in unethical hiring practices. Unethical Hiring Practi