by: James A. Warholic

Search Engine Optimization

What the heck is "Search Engine Optimization?"

Internet marketing technical jargon, terms, and phrases can be very misleading.

I once made the mistake of referring to my wife as a "school teacher."

She promptly corrected me and said, "I am a teacher, not a school teacher! I don't teach schools, I teach children math!"

That same logic applies to seo "search engine optimization." No single individual on a website optimizes the search engines. Only the search engine companies themselves adjust or change their algorithms to improve the results.

When people use the term SEO they typically mean they optimize the page or the website for improving the ranking in the natural search results for the targeted keywords. Over the years, this has evolved into companies promising prospects that they can get a website to the number one position in the results. This is a bunch of "bird seed."

First off, look at the numbers. There are over 8 billion pages searched in the leading search company. Every year this number increases. The reality is that only one site can have a number one position for any particular key word or keyphrase on a global basis. This is also true for the other ten or twenty pages that are displayed on the first page of the search engine results pages "SERPs".

Having the number one position is a good goal to have, but to get there requires an extensive amount of time and effort. There are a huge number of variables that affect a website's ranking. But the one constant is content.

Creating and developing the content for any business online is a challenge to say the least.

Our Internet marketing and online advertising team can help in the development of the content in a creative way to help significantly improve your rankings in the SERPs along with developing Internet marketing strategies and online advertising messages that generate quality leads, conversions, and increase sales.

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