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99 1 Marketing Rule

In web work the 80/20 rule takes on a more significant role.

I made a decision a year or so ago that it was not worth supporting the time and effort required to make websites compatible to all the old legacy browsers.

I made another discovery for an old legacy browser of IE5/Mac platform that has significant issues when it comes to displaying content using various style sheets and java script for menus. After doing some investigation I decided that this was another one of those issues that I was not willing to address to bring backwards compatibility. It would require too much time and with less than one percent of the visitors using this browser it seems to me that it does not make sense to spend the excessive amount of time required.

If you are trying to view our blogs and website with IE5/Mac browser and things are not displayed properly try using Safari or Mozilla for Mac. I have been using both of those programs on a regular basis and have been very pleased with the performance of both.

It is important to understand who your targeted marketing audience is. Excessive time spent marketing to a very small segment with very little or no return gained does not make much sense. There may be instances where there is a certain degree of logic to address the old browser compatibility issues, especially if a company has deep pockets and provides a service that crosses over many boundaries.


Tax issues

MarketingThere is a time of the year that I would rather not think about. That has to do with the date April 15'th.

When it comes to this date I am a procrastinator. In fact, whenever I hear a commercial for any service related to this I turn the channel. There is something about having to pay for a service that in all logical sense should be free. After all, everyone has to file a "tax return", why should we be charged for something we have to do?

I was over at the local Costco yesterday, when I noticed a buyer standing in line with the latest software for filing. I mentioned to her that she sure was waiting to the last minute to get the TurboTax software.

She said, "At least it is not Friday night!"

I said, "I know the feeling."

Then today, I saw an email alert about Tax Scams on the Internet. Technology has created a world in which it can be used for "GOOD or BAD"

I decided to do some investigation at the website. By the way, there are IRS impersonators. Some of these may be reputable companies while others may be using it as Trojan horses in the form of keystroke monitoring or keyloggers. Make sure it is the .gov site. On their website they talk about free online services for completing the forms. I have not personally tried any of these so check it out for yourself. There are about 20 different sales alliance companies for free filing.

When it comes to E-Filing, the process of hitting the return key to complete the process still has a certain degree of consumer finality while the actual printing of the completed forms and mailing them in provides an extra means of Insurance that everything is accurate. I still have consumer privacy questions and would want to insure for E-Filing purposes that all information is secure. Suggest reading the privacy policies of not only the IRS site but which ever service is chosen online. It is important to understand and revealing that not all privacy policies are private.

With the Web technology advances we have seen for Internet marketing and Online advertising, for improvements in our speed of communication and sharing of information, advances in eCommerce & eBusiness, we still have to maintain a great deal of vigilance in protecting our privacy and businesses online. For help with your online advertising, Internet marketing technology issues, and web branding needs contact Professional Web Services, Inc.

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