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Most websites use cookies today. Consumers are becoming cookie aware.

People are tired of all the viruses and for their privacy concerns are turning off the automatic cookie controls and deciding to accept or reject cookies on an individual basis.


Does this sound like you?

Block Or Allow Individual Cookies

Well, it might be a little bit of a hassle but over the last year or so I have implemented a policy of not automatically accepting cookies. Some sites I trust while a whole bunch of sites are questionable in my mind, and brings into question what they are doing with their cookie that is set on my computer. The web sites that are particularly questionable are the ones that have a whole bunch of pop-up ads and strange JavaScript windows that open by themselves. Note: The new more secure browsers make it much easier to accept or reject cookies and cookie deletion maintenance.

There needs to be a balance between the need for lead capture vs Online privacy. Once I truly trust a web site then and only then will I automatically accept the cookies in the future.

This trust relationship takes time to build and establish the ground work especially in the B2C world. Business to consumer marketing has certainly been abused on the Internet. Anyone that has email can vouch for the fact of all the unsolicited emails that are sent sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes I see four or five variations on an email with the same typos and text. The only difference is the return address and a few other statements.

So, is it any wonder that B2C marketing is becoming increasingly difficult on the Internet? B2B marketing on the other hand is much more in line with ethical salesmanship. Maybe it is because in the B2B climate the process of buying a product or service must pass muster with a number of individuals prior to the sale being made. Where as with B2C, the old saying of "there is a sucker born everyday" holds true, because of a single individual making a decision to buy sometimes on the spur of the moment.

Ever since time began there was a system of exchanging goods with others. Supply and demand has set the price for the most part through the centuries. Other times, commodities or goods were held artificially high or low to extort profit from the high end and to create a need for a service with an artificially low price.

Today it seems as though the consumer has to do psychology battle on a daily basis with the unethical B2C marketing techniques and the tactics that are being applied. The complexity of the schemes are truly remarkable. The Net has become a net for capturing the unaware and the uninformed. It would be well advised to stay abreast of the online landmines.

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