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Saying NO to Flashy Internet Ads on Websites!

I spend a lot of time on the Internet, researching information on different topics, including online advertising. One of the things that is really distracting is the flashy advertising that can be seen on a large number of websites. There are some sites that I will not visit, simply because their advertising is so flashy it just gets in the way of having a good user experience. I believe most of these companies think you have to catch peoples attention with big graphic images in order for a customer conversion to take place.

I have spoken with several engineers, in various industries, who have expressed the same thoughts related to extreme online banner advertising. If I do see an article that I wish to read, with an iterating banner of flash ad, I squeeze the ad off the page if I can, by making the browser window smaller. I have even use the no ad display addon options for various web browsers in order to prevent any of these ads from being displayed.

All the companies that overuse banner advertising with heavy flash ads need to wise up and realize the Internet is not a TV. People and businesses use the Internet mainly for B2B research, B2B and B2C online buying of goods, and consumer informational reading purposes at favorite websites or online news outlets. Sure you get the gamers on dedicated websites, but for business, news, and research purposes go light with the flash on your website.

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