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Definition of ethics B2C
Definition of legal issues B2C

Time For a Pit Stop… on Redirects!

I am not sure where to begin on this one..

Here is an egregious case of unethical behavior.
Note, I am not sure how long this situation will exist?

Instructions: Click on the following India searches, then compare to the USA search results. 1-Hint: Besides looking at the results, Look closely at the bottom of your browser when on any of the URL Search Results. Look at the .rd or the .rds in the URL's prior to and also during the movement from the search results to the page.

Definition of ethics B2C

Definition of legal issues B2C

Now do the following USA searches. Compare the differences.

"B2B AND B2C" "internet marketing differences" fr=fp-pull-web-t&p=Definition+of+ethics+B2C p=Definition+of+legal+issues+B2C

Take a look closely at other results also..

B2B and B2C Intellectual Property Differences

2004 internet business ethics standards FORM=SMCRT&q=internet%20b2b%20ethics

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On 8/19/2004

Title = "Technical Internet Marketing Services Strategies Professional Solutions"

Description content = "Professional Internet marketing business services, online advertising strategies, successful marketing solutions to the Internet marketing & advertising puzzle, resulting in increased sales for you. Professional Web Services, Inc."

Why the redirects? Maybe search results are stored by some search engines and then feed back into the (SERP) of other search engines.. Why are the titles and descriptions in some SERP different for other SERP with-in the same search engine? Who makes the decision of which title shows when and where? Does the title and description affect the results? With such a system how can there ever be ethical fairness? Does it matter to you?

Maybe you don't think it affects you... How can you be sure?

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