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B2B and B2C Marketing Ethics In - The Unsolicited Faxes

B2B B2C Marketing Ethics In Business And Advertising Ethics

Here is another area of Business Marketing and Advertising Ethics that really tics me off!

The unsolicited Faxes.

Every day I receive at least one unsolicited FAX. Guess where they get my number from…

I am sure there are robots that continually cruise the net and log in phone and fax numbers and then these businesses turn around and sell the lists to people that try to market there product directly to you.

At the bottom of the fax is a number to call to be removed from the database. My gut feeling is at times that if you respond to this number that just confirms the number to the database.

I know there are laws on the books for this…
These laws are not working.

Fax do not call lists. Government sites
Visit our Ethics in Business page and from there go to the Internet Ethics page for reference material and links to specific legal authorities for this and other types of behavior.

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