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Internet B2B Marketing "B2C" Marketing Tool

Internet B2B Marketing "B2C" Marketing Tool.

If you are only using Internet Explorer as the main browser for doing research or just browsing the web, then you are really missing the boat. Check out my favorite for market research as well as cruising on the web. Mozilla is free, works with all systems and is a great tool to handle multiple Email accounts and keep them separate while not having to jump around with different log on names as you do in Outlook®. But that is not its only strength... The best part about it is, it allows you to open up multi-tabs with-in the same window to other links by simply right clicking on the mouse and open in new tab. Tabs can be bookmarked as a group of favorites and then with a click of a mouse they can all be opened in one window at the same time. This is great if you have several websites that are visited each day.

The beauty of this software is: for research purposes, one can very easily navigate and cross reference items. Use it to compare several different items and pages at the same time.

Mozilla and the new Firefox are supported by a large community of programmers.

For the community Safari is the program for you. I have had a little opportunity to evaluate this one. It is a very impressive program and has a lot of the same features that the Mozilla browser can do.

What is your favorite browser?

Share your hints and tips on your favorite browser.

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