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Above All- We Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!


The Crazy Search War

B2b ethics
B2B vs. B2C ethical issues
b2b ethics issues
b2c vs b2b ethical issues

The search links offer another perspective on the various issues... (more than one)

Differences between B2B marketing site and B2C sites

The links above take you to the Google™ search results for those keywords. Is it alright to have other search engine results inside a search result? Before you answer that question I suggest you read this about copyright legal issues.

Study the Results. Note: By the time you read this the search results will probably have changed. I will have to show a picture most of the time in the future...

Warning Note: Do not try to save the results and then try to display them again, (even if the idea is to display a copyright infringement or other ethical / legal violations) because the search results will show the page again... I found out the hard way...

Above All, Tell It Like It Is, and Do It with Style!

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