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I read an excellent article this morning at:

The title of the article was "Avoid Search Engine Blacklisting"

The author went over a number of key points about what individuals should do in order to not become blacklisted.

The question I have for everyone, is should this also apply to other search engines themselves?

Take a close look at the results. Note update 10/31/05: Results have changed significantly since writing this posting. Maybe some good is coming out of this reporting.
Example searches:

B2B from legal, ethical and regulatory perspective

b2b and b2c ethics

Are there two sets of rules? One set for individuals and another for other search companies? Should the same rules apply to all? Things can get frustrating for those of us that are trying to do it right, when we see things like this. I am not saying that we never make mistakes in the way we fine tune our pages for the search engines but how do you go up against something like this? Note: On the results from another company, there is a snippet (a small piece of text info the search engines pick up) that comes from my site. I seem to be fighting myself... Weird...

Then the search result below from this search engine, the more I write, the more results they generate for me.
ethics AND B2B
But the weird thing is, later they will then turn around and use that against me in another search result or on another search engine's results page. I actually don't need all those results. One or two of my top pages would do...

So it seems the more you write about something on a subject, certain search companies will turn around and try to make it look like you are spamming them... This is really weird...

Then there are the unethical companies that simply cut and paste the search results, where the whole new search result has 90% of the exact word formations from our copyrighted works.

See: specific and legal regulatory issues in B2C site

Copyright Law Issues

Remember: Above All - Tell It Like It Is, and Do It With Style!

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