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Fun Search Lesson 101

Search Lesson:

Wild wild week.

A customer and president of his company was having difficulty searching for specific information on the Internet. I then realized that the customer was not aware of how to use some of the more advanced features in search. I then took him to Google™ Advanced Search and showed him a few of the features.

Specifically, he was looking for information related to his B2B business and the connections with the military. He was trying to do some marketing research on some of the military sites but was having a difficult time wading through the general search results. I showed him how to do a specific search with What this does is searches on all the .mil sites for whatever keyword you place in front of This also works for all of the various URLs i.e.,,

One of the other key points that I demonstrated to him was how he could do some sales and marketing research of his largest customers to discover some of the technical documentation from the customers site. For example: If you are looking for specific information or images at only one site you can use the same technique as above. Just include the whole site name, for example, In this example with-out specifying a keyword in front you will discover approximately how many pages from the particular site are in the Google™ database. This one resulted in approximately 2,280 images.

After I had spent a couple of hours helping him on his research he asked if I would be willing to demonstrate to his upper management and sales people how to go about using the various techniques.

The next day, we set up a little training seminar right at their work site. They all had their computers online and I stepped them through the exact processes.

In summary:

It was fascinating to discover that everyone of the employees were unaware of these additional search techniques. I showed a few other items about how you could use a (-) minus sign in front of a keyword to exclude it from the results. Additional Tips: Google™ also has a list of all the universities sites as well as specific searching of US government sites, news search, the new Scholar, local, news, and others.

Note: The customer was very appreciative of the time I spent training the people. Every person was thrilled to discover all the new information at their fingertips.

Sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference.

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