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Unethical Hiring Practices That Involve Bait And Switch Tactics Can Hurt Company Brands On The Web

The Internet as a marketing media outlet for both B2B and B2C has been a great reward to the consumer and other businesses looking to do business with other companies. However, the Internet is also a source for exposing the unethical hiring practices or any type of poor customer service provided by any company or individual on the planet. Companies that make a habit of ticking off people will more than likely get exposed online.

Human Resources, people, that have gotten a raw deal from company "XYZ" are likely to get "Mad As Hell, And Not Take It Anymore." Using the Internet as a sounding off outlet, individuals have documented scores of fraud, scams, and other poor and unethical business practices that they themselves have experienced. People have documented all types of activities at various online forums and even written well documented articles online pertaining to "XYZ" Companies making a habit of bad business practices. These companies are likely to find their brand online with a major black eye.

Imagine when perspective employees, responding to a advertised hiring ad for a management position at a company are then switched to a door to door sales canvasing job position in a multi-level marketing company. Also, imagine how this looks to potential new customers checking out a company online.

Here is a quote from one of those interviewees:

I went to an interview in San Francisco, and they said it was an interview for a job in management. They then asked me to spend a day being a door to door salesman without pay -- canvasing -- which is not something I go to interviews to do. I wish they would have said that in their job posting so I could have avoided the whole experience. I found the whole thing cloaked in deception and I wanted to warn others.

Quoted from: Eric Wolfram's List of Known Deceptions

Now, when a search is conducted online for a particular corporation, the search results might show stories that do not put the company in a very good light. Sure, there might be some individuals that might hold a grudge for whatever reason, but when there is a pattern of deceptive behavior or other unethical business practices a company's brand will certainly be affected. All companies to a certain degree have disgruntled employees or customers. There are certainly stories of one company bringing a lawsuit against another. To a certain extent, "things happen" in business, and between businesses and customers all the time. However, the ones that have a pattern will likely be exposed online. Others that have had the same experiences are much more likely to respond with documented evidence themselves. This all pushes up the search results for various articles related to these types of business practices.

The lesson to be learned from all of this for any B2B or B2C company is, honesty is the best policy. Be true in what you say and do, and good stories will rise to the top.

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