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B2C Marketing and Advertising

B2C Marketing And Advertising

Much has been written about the various aspects of marketing and advertising to the consumer.

Here is a story that I first came upon through a Google AdWords Success Story and One On One With Ray

Ray Allen, founder of American Meadows, is a company that definitely caters to the B2C, business to consumer market. It is quite facinating to read how Ray has intergrated his AdWords advertising into his marketing and introduction of new products that are sold from their website. He is one individual that has really grasped a hold of the impact an online advertising campaign can have on the bottom line.

One of the interesting follow-up items that I see from their wildflower seed website is the integration of using a blog called This Week in Wildflower Gardening to share additional information with the reader since 2003. The blog is customized to reflect the colors of the website in such a way as the website and the blog become very uniquely branded to each other. The software engine that drives the blog is the software. The blog is hosted via the website.

When it comes to B2C marketing and advertising, the pictures of flowers on the website certainly make a stunning impact. The site is really targeting the consumer market with an excellent balance of the eye candy along with the written words to go along with the subject matter. This site gets an A+ in my books for the overall impact and understanding of who their targeted audience is, along with a great visual and keyword targeted layout on the home page for consumers to follow.

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