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Thinking Like a Customer

Internet marketing and online advertising have one thing in common. You must think like your customer.

It would be great if we could sit behind each and every customer while they are searching on the Internet. Or, know what they are thinking while reading online advertising.

There have been Internet marketing studies that say you need to catch the attention of a person in the first few seconds when they visit a website. Well, that may be true, but the first thing that you must always ask yourself is, "Who is the target AUDIENCE?"

A while back, I had a conversation with a customer in which I was inquiring about some specific details of a product he was fabricating for the antenna industry. With my Ham radio background, KD6RPD I was looking for some specific technical details to include in his website that would be important to an engineer that might be searching online. It was at this time that he had come to the realization that he really did not know as much information about the end product and what verbiage was used by his longtime customer. So, he did the same thing I was doing to him. He interviewed his customer.

Out of that interview came a whole slew of keywords that had a ton of meaning to an engineer reading the information. I then took this information and did more research online to have a better understanding of the verbiage myself. This research is very important when it comes to writing copy for any website. Once I had this understanding it became easier to edit the copy or even create additional copy for the website.

So, in this particular case the majority of this clients' customers are engineers that would be interested in more of the technical aspects of an antenna product. His website would not be one for the general consumer and if visited by the consumer would be clicked away in one or two seconds. On the other hand, if this website is visited by someone looking specifically for that product they would read more and click other related links.

For any Internet marketing group to truly be effective in promoting your company requires a commitment of time from both parties involved. Sometimes it may take a gentle nudge from the marketing firm to help the customer onto the right path. Typically, the owner of the company knows more about the business than anyone on the outside. No matter how good an outside copywriter is, it still requires having a knowledge of the business at hand. This is especially true for the Internet.

If you need help with your Internet marketing, online advertising, or website copywriting, visit us at Professional Web Services, Inc. Take the time today and reap the rewards tomorrow.

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